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The tunes are accessible in alphabetical order. They are not defined by date, genre or style.

A brief description accompanies each track as you peruse through my musical museum!

Hit play and enjoy!...Click on either the sheet music or picture!

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Almond Eyes

Written in the Dave Gruzin/Bob James pop-jazz style…had the part “C” melody bouncing in my mind for years!

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Almond Eyes-lead sheet.1.jpg
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Alone With You

Here's a sweet love song inspired by my biggest fan...Pam Smith.  Her taste in music is unquestionably superlative...especially when it comes to mine!  Written in the early spring of '23 this warm mid-tempo ballad has become one of my new faves...enjoy! 

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Alone With You-1.jpg
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Baby I'm Blue

Written in 1993 as an adult contemporary/easy listening tune with Natalie Cole in mind…Tara St. Martaan gives a great performance.

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Baby I'm Blue.1.jpg

Bridge To Your Heart

Written in the Anita Baker style…Tara St. Martaan sings this beautifully.

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Bridge To Your Heart-1.29.21.jpg
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Build Me a Son

  This song needed a great message for it to work together as a complete piece of music.  I’d read General Douglas MacArthur’s poem, “Build Me A Son” and thought this would be a great match.  

  Some of the words are re-arranged to fit the melody but the body of his poem is now encased in music…enjoy…written February, 2023.

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Coming Home.jpg

Coming Home To You

Written over the winter of 2021, this sentimental up-tempo tune would be a great cast for a singer like Michael Buble...enjoy.

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A Cut Above

Boy and Dog.png

"A Cut Above" is a walk through time in which a young man watches both his uncle and father work as the town's Barbers. At the urging of the local parish priest, they volunteer to cut hair for the orphans at the local parish.  Many years later the young man serves his country and is wounded in the process.  

While recovering both physically and mentally and with the urging of the now elder parish priest, he's asked to follow his namesake's footsteps...because he's  "A Cut Above!"


The lyric for this song was co-written with and adopted from a story composed by Lorenzo Spagnola in January '24 


Put your cowboy hat on for this one!  

A Cut Above.jpg
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Yellowstone Falls copy.png

Dear Tomorrow

  Written in the mid 1980’s…Dear Tomorrow was conceived after listening to many Hoyt Axton records during my advertising/jingle years.  Hoyt had that big warm voice telling you a story with a sweet guitar backdrop.

  The song is a lamentation about resolving one’s hopes and dreams in the context of reality…whatever that is! 

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Dear Tomorrow-1.jpg
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A Distant Past

A solo piano piece…great for contemplation and reflection…

Click on my picture (left) to see a video


Click below to hear the studio mp3

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A Distant Past.1.jpg
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Do You Still Love Me?

Written in the late 80’s with Kim Shaw…had Aretha Franklin in mind as Tara St. Maartan gave a great performance…this tune was like a puzzle!

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Do You Still Love Me.jpg
Deer in Alaska.JPG

Don't Make Me Have To Say Goodbye

A latin rhumba with a great vocal sung by Sue Giordano.  I always thought this could be a good James Bond theme!

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Don't Make Me Have To Say Goodbye-1.jpg
country trail-ala..JPG

Dreaming In A Dream

My tribute to Sarah Vaughn…a bluesy/jazzy ballad reeking of cigarettes and alcohol in a jazz cellar…somewhere in some city!  Cynthia Nalley does a great job on vocals.

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Dreaming In A Dream-lead sheet.pdf-2-1.j
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Fate Brought You To

Me Tonight

Dinah Washington or Nancy Wilson would fit the cast for this one.  This recording was beautifully sung by Jackie Kolata.  Lots of funny chords and harmonic progressions…have a scotch while you’re listening!

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Fate Brought You To Me Tonight-1.jpg

Feel It In My Heart

   Lorenzo Spagnola’s affirming lyrics of love are all over this one. 

   Written in the heartland rock style of John Cougar Melencamp.

   Too bad I don’t sing like Mr. Mellencamp!

Written in the winter of 2022

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Feel It In My Heart copy_Page_1.jpg
Saling Indonesia copy.jpg

Find Love Again

Ever had a break-up where it hurts to eat?

Written in the fall of ’22 with David Burrello, “Find Love Again” is about experiencing the pain of lost love with the need to shake-off those old memories and find one’s “wild side.”

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Find Love Again.jpg

The First Time

   The First Time was written in roughly 1986.  It is composed in double period form (call and response within a big call…and then another call and response within a big response).  The lyrics took about 6 months to write!

   Fred Messinetti does a great job on vocals as the tune demands a Barry Manilow type voice. 

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The First Time.jpg
Pandas upside down copy.jpg

The Fool Was Me Once More

The Fool Was Me Once More" was written in November '23. 

A tune about a "drifter" searching but never finding his true love.


Soundscaped in a  "down home" groove, "The Fool Was Me Once More" should have your head...rockin' and bobbin'...movin' and groovin! 


Rob Spano and "The Spanettes"  throw it down!

The Fool Was Me Once More(2)-1.jpg
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welwyn sunet.JPG

Forever Yours

The music was written on a greyhound bus on the way to Nashville TN.  I always imagined Travis Tritt as the right “cast” for this tune…although

Steve Randazzo does a great job as the vocalist.

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Forever Yours-1.jpg
Moonshotover slopes.gif

The Gaper

Imagine a young man in the prime of life walking down the street of NYC during the summer months of the 1980's...beautiful gals wearing light summer dresses abound  and all the young man can think is,  "I Just Want A Girl Like That"...and that..and that!

Well the recording didn't translate with a male singer, so the gender was changed and eureka!

Tara St. Maartan sang a great performance!

Lorenzo Spagnola co-writes the words for this pop/dance recording

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The Gaper.jpg
Race Point Lighthouse-Cape Cod.png

Give It All You've Got

   If Ayn Rand collaborated with Tony Robbins…they’d come up with a tune like this. Give It All You’ve Got is a song of inspiration that reminds us to come out swinging when our back’s against the wall..and if you’re going to be a bear…BE A GRIZZLEY!

   If you need a “pick-me-up”…this might do the trick.

   Co-written with Dave Burrello and produced in a heartland/Mellencamp style, 

Give It All You've Got.jpg
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Give Your Love To Me

A rock/pop ditty written in the style of “Brown Eyed Girl”...yours truly sings the lead...a true composers voice!

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Give Your Love To Me-1.jpg
Owl on branch.jpg

Glide Away

Written in 1984 with lyricist Ian James, this tune is a smooth romantic track in the style of Al Jarreau. Lawrence Clayton on vocals, gives a wonderful performance!

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Glide Away-1.jpg
rainbow over city.jpg

Go Climb Your Mountain

This hook was in my brain for over twenty year ‘till I finally finished the song!

Steve Randazzo sings this inspirational message from the heart!  Produced in a country/gospel style.

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Go Climb Your Mountain-1.29.21.jpg

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