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Make Your Joy!

Three little notes with the third on the downbeat and I was off to the races! Written in Sept. '23, Make Your Joy is a song about finding happiness/gratitude while enduring the "dark hours before the dawn"...and to share it with others.

This Pop/Jazz tune is sung by Rob Spano and "The Spanettes"...Make Your Joy!

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Memories Of Love

Written in 1992 with Ray Vega, this tune was crafted in the style of a romantic Spanish balladeer.  The 2nd verse is in Spanish as Ray Vega sings this track.  Produced in Nashville TN.

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Recuerdos De Amor-lead sheet.jpg
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Memory Of Love

There were two great songs that inspired me to write Memory Of Love: one was “Baby Come To Me” recorded by Patti Austin and James Ingram; the other was “Friends & Lovers” recorded by Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson.  Tara St. Maartan and Lawrence Clayton sang this production made in 1988.  A duet about a love affair that’s ended.

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Old Friends

My homage to the late, great Joe Sample…both a legendary member of the Jazz Crusaders as well as a solo artist.  This was written as a smooth jazz tune and produced in 2008.   

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Old Friends-lead sheet.jpg

Old Mr. Boston

Waterfall_pool copy.jpg

So when i walk my dog in the morning, I pass by a wooded area opposite the parking lot at the Glen Cove Train Station.  Lo and behold, I see that somebody is hurling their empty pint bottles of Old Mr. Boston Blackberry dozens!

    I thought to myself,  "What kind of person does that?" That's when the idea came about to write a song about an addict who's dealer has gone missing and he needs a substitute to "make it though the night."

    Old Mr.Boston is a rock/blues shuffle produced in spring of '23.  Think of any good rock/blues band whose last set you saw at 2am! 

Old Mr. Boston copy-1.jpg
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One More Time

A soulful “3-beat” tune featuring soul singer, Lew Kirton on vocals.  Lew and I co-wrote this tune in 1988.

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Only Meant For You

Only Meant For You is a pop ballad duet featuring Steve Randazzo and Allison Hellow…recorded in 1996 on a 4 track TEAC with a Mac 20Meg. hard-drive!  A sweet ballad about the remembrance/realization of a great love.

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Only You And I Know

Only You And I Know is a soulful mid-tempo tune featuring Lew Kirton and co-written with Larry Spagnola.  Lew’s voice is something special.

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Precious Kind Of Love

In the style of Jeffrey Osborne’s “We’re Going All The Way”, Peobo Bryson’s “Can you Stop The Rain From Falling” and James Ingram’s ”Just Once”, Precious Kind Of love is the style of the male R&B/Pop balladeer.  Written in 1988, Lawrence Clayton provides his great talent on vocals.

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Quiet Nights

Started in 1982, finished in 2010, I must have re-written Quiet Nights at least a dozen times.  A mid-tempo “crooner” Adult Contemporary tune written with Julio Iglesias in mind…although here, the composer is singing…Larry Spagnola helps out co-writing lyrics.  

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Quiet Nights.jpg
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Rob's Meditation

This solo piano piece was inspired by “The Meditation by Massenet”.  Sit back and close your eyes.

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Rob's Sonata

This Sonata was written in 1985 as an exercise for a music composition class at NYU.  It features the components of the “Sonata Allegro” form.  Theme, exposition, development and re-capitulation.  Good thing there’s MIDI as I’d have a tough time playing it today!

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Rob's Sonata.jpg
starlit night africa.jpg

Sea Cliff Samba

This happy samba was written in 2015.  Many fun memories playing with my band, “The Cuban Cigars” at the beach in Sea Cliff!

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Sea Cliff Samba-Bb.jpg
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See You In The End

“See You In The End” was written on the guitar and produced in 2013 with master vocalist, Steve Randazzo.  A rock/pop tune about of an undying faith that no matter what…he’ll see you in the end!

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See You In The End.jpg
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Send Me A Letter

Written and produced in 1992, “Send Me A letter” features master vocalist Steve Randazzo in a soulful feel that brings the late Bill Withers to mind.  I produced this with 1 Proteus sound module.  

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Send Me A Letter-1.jpg

Smile On My Face

Smile On My Face was written and produced in 2011 with Tim Lawless.  Master vocalist Steve Randazzo captures the style of David Clayton Thomas of Blood Sweat And Tears fame. 

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Smile On My Face.jpg

Some Kind Of Love


  Back in the 1970’s, my dad heard me playing this melody which prompted him to sit at the kitchen table and write the “libretto” for Some Kind Of Love. 

 “A man looks back through the years to his youth, when there were no bills to pay, no responsibilities, just violins and carefree days between two lovers.  As he reminisces he wishes he could summon those days again.”

   Some Kind Of Love is a piano, bass, drum vocal arrangement in the style of Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra. 

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Some Kind Of Love.jpg
Japanese Tree.jpg

Spring Rain

Heather Little provides a fantastic performance of this melancholy tune about the search for love.  The production builds to a big finish that reminds me of a Barbra Streisand tune.  Larry Spagnola co-writes the words as this tune was written in 1983.

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Spring Rain.jpg
Auyan Tepui Moon at dusk.jpg

Stay With Me

Stay With Me was written on a toy Casio keyboard back in 1982, while working in the music department for an advertising agency in NYC.  It’s latin style smacks of Sergio Mendez’ Brazil 66 sound as Jackie Kolata lends her vocal talents. 

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Stay With Me Tonight

Stay With Me Tonight was written while recovering from back surgery in 2005.  It’s in the country style of Martina McBride with vocals by Korin Lyngstad who does a great job!...Tom Griffith and his wife, Martha Trachtenberg provide great guitar work as well as Jason Bergman on fiddle. 

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Sweet Thing Of Mine

Written while recovering from back surgery, Sweet Thing Of Mine is a Texas swing tune that features Tom Griffith on both guitars and vocal.  Jason Bergman lends his fiddle talents as well.  It’s amazing what you can create while taking codeine!

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