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That's What I Remember Most

Back in the day of “Tin Pan Alley”, a songwriter worth his salt had to write a “Mammy” song in tribute to his dear mother.  With words co-written with Bob Kornfeld and a great vocal from Steve Randazzo,  “That’s What I Remember Most” will pull your heartstrings …grab your Kleenex when you listen to this one!

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That’s What Lovers Do

I wrote this in January of 2022 on the guitar while voicing major 6/9 chords to major 6th chords as an exercise.  Lo and behold a beautiful Bossa Nova manifested itself!

I figured if a guy can swim on the U. of Penn swim team…then I can sing like Astrid Gilberto!

Kik back and imagine a Pina Colada at the Tiki Bar  after a day on the beach!

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There'll Be Love Again

This tune is slick!  I wrote it with the theme of “Moonlighting” in my mind…remember that one?..sung by Al Jarreau starring Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd! 

Beautifully sung by master vocalist Steve Randazzo with yours truly, Jackie Kolata and Steve forming the backround vocals. I started the idea back in the late 1980’s and finished it by 2013.

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Thinking Of An Old Friend

An old friend from childhood was hit by a car in Florida and was instantly killed.  Greg Klein and I were famous for our ping pong battles during summer school of 1971-2.  We shared many great times and it was sad that he was taken so soon.

“Thinking Of An Old Friend” is a tribute to my old friend.

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The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow deserves most of the lyrical credit on this one.  I was flipping around on a website called and came across his great poem and saw that it would work really well with music track I’d already written.

The words evoke of the uncertainty of love where the tide represent the ying and yang of emotions

There are a few lines I added to make the melodic flow work….but all in all…

Good Going Henry! 

Written in the winter of ’23 in a folk/rock style…really catchy!

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Till You Come Back To Me

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I had to have multiple neck surgeries back in 2000 thru 2003.  During that time I spent lots of time to reading about the history of the middle east and how the British exploited the area after WW1 without consideration to the tribal differences; especially between the Shias and the Sunnis. 

I was passionately opposed to the foray into Iraq considering the fact that 16 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudis.  Brent Scowcroft advised Bush 43 not to deploy the troops there as it will be a “tar-pit”…”you’ll never get out!”

 Till You Come Back To Me is a tribute to the families that wait with uncertainty for the return of their loved ones…Grab a Kleenex for this one. 

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To Be Loved By You

To Be Loved By You is a balladeer’s ballad… a story about a man who realizes that by only giving, he finds peace and love…I’m gonna cry!

Yours truly sings as this tune deploys the famous “augmented 6th chord” leading to new tonal centers…ya got that?

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True Believer

Are you a true believer?...or want to be?...this tune will help you get there!

Written in 2022 as a duet with Leslie Waltzer, True Believer tries to capture the spirit of the inner will that must be summoned when scaling the mountain of your dreams…to remind oneself that it’s easy to be ordinary…but to go forth in the face of overwhelming odds…well…that’s a true believer!

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Written and recorded in 1884, “Turn Around” was recorded using some of New York’s finest studio musicians at that time. Jay Leonhardt on bass, Frank Owens on piano, Bob Rose on guitar and Terry Silverlight on drums…no computers!

Linda LoPresti co-writes the words and Lew Kirton lends his great vocals. Peobo Bryson and Jeffrey Osborne were recording artists at the time that would inspired the “soundscape.”

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Turn Around

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Two People In Love

Way back in 1979, Camille DiTrani, Jesse Wasser and myself were at Long Beach…as Jesse was strumming his guitar… “Two People In Love” popped out!  Actually it was started then and I completed it years later. 

I always imagined this tune as a Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton duet. 

Leslie Waltzer lends her beautiful vocals in a duet with myself on this track.

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Walk To The Light

A friend was not getting what she needed in a relationship and knew it was time to move on.  Walk To The Light is about summoning the courage to change in the face of solitude and uncertainty.  Yours truly sings this pop/rock tune…Enjoy!

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We Could Have Had It All

This tune was written in 1979 as Denise DelliPizzi wrote the lyrics. A song about the crestfallen end of a relationship. Tara St. Maartan does a great job on vocals as the lyrics tell a sweet story.

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What Are You Made Of?

Written with Stormy Spill in NYC back in the early 1980’s.  “What Are You Made Of?” was “pitched” to Joan Jett and Cher.  Wings’ drummer Steve Holly produced this rock track.  Stormy Spill sings the vocals. 

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What Are You Made Of?-lead sheet.jpg

What Happened to "Made
In The USA?"

Lighthouse night-stars copy.jpg

A lamentation of my remembrance of a time when the USA was the supermarket to the world.  When we aspired to putting a man on the moon instead of worrying about transgender bathrooms.  When the middle class job could afford the purchase of a house and raise a family…all on one pay-check. 

The advocates of “globalism” allowed the stakeholders to exploit cheap foreign labor and exported 21,000,000 jobs and 70,000 factories to foreign lands, pulling the rug out from under the middle class.  What’s left?...for many it’s a future of addiction, crime, hopelessness with a generation lost in their phones.  A lot of social justice and mental illness gets cured with a job.

What Happened To _Made In The USA__-1.jpg
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When Love Begins Again

This tune is a Frank Sinatra/Tony Bennett lamentation about lost love.  Imagine Frank or Tony crooning away while leaning on a lamppost at night!

Lyrics co-written with Bob Cohen.  Written in 1995, I believe I finally captured the proper arrangement for this piano/vocal torch song.

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Where Spirits Soar


One of my favorite compositions, “Where Spirits Soar” is a message between “conduits” of the deceased and mourning survivors.  The song assures them that their lost loved ones are at peace and they wish for their living survivors to live life to its fullest… and go Where Spirits Soar!  Written in 2015.

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White Sand Blue Water

Written in 1984, “White Sand Blue Water” was co-written with Lew Kirton as he also lends is awesome vocal talents to this one.  A song about the need to work together and help people all over the world.  Could be timely considering today’s environment.

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A Wish For You

Written in 1992…a song of hope to uplift another soul…Marty Nelson sings this one…a former member of the famous jazz vocal group, “Manhatten Transfer”...

I always heard Neil Diamond as the right “cast” for this tune.

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You're Not There

This is one of my favorites! ”Your Not There” is a soulful mid-tempo song with master vocalist Steve Randazzo singing.  I love the construction and harmonic changes on this one. Check out the modulation after the flute solo. Play it loudly!  Written in 2012.

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You're The Only One For Me

“You’re The Only One For Me” was written with Linda LoPresti in 1982.  It’s soulfull vocals are sung by Bossy Floyd fronting great background singers whose names escape me.  It was produced in a “Sexual Healing” groove ala Marvin Gaye.  Enjoy!

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You're The Only One For Me-lead

You've Got What I Need

Written with Jesse Wasser in 1979, “You’ve got what I need was originally produced in a “pop rock” style with Don Casale as recording engineer and later I produced it again in a Reggae groove…the style I prefer.  Hear the two for yourself!

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reggae style

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Pop Version

You've Got What I Need.jpg

Your Love Is All I Need

I wrote this one in 2013 on the guitar.  “Your Love Is All I Need” is as sweet, affirming love song produced in a simple folk/rock mid-tempo style.  Yours truly sings.  Enjoy 

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