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The Hardest Part Of Love

A sweet mid-tempo folk song written in 1991 with Bob Kornfeld, “The Hardest Part Of Love” was sung by the late Wayne McCann.  Easy listening with a great story!

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Help Me Believe

Written in the fall of ’22, this song is a wistful lamentation about lost love and the desire for it to be recovered.  

Hopefully it captures emotions that many of us have experienced.  

This sweet folk tune features yours truly on accordion and vocals!

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Hold Me In Your Arms

A pop duet with Jackie Kalata and Steve Randazo…started in 1982 and completed sometime in 2012…I love this “hook”…lot’s of motion in the harmony.

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Hold Tight

A  funky mid-tempo R&B duet written in the music room of Backer & Spielvogel Advertising with Linda LoPresti in the early 1980’s.  For simplicity’s sake, I’ve recorded all vocals…I’m hearing Bruno Mars as a good cast for this one.  See what you think!

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How Long

David Burrello provides the foundation rhythm track as this track turned out to be a Springsteen style vocal performance…am I giving myself too much credit?

A fun ditty that you can tap your feet to!...Dave plays great guitar on this one!

Written in the fall of 2021.

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I Can't Get Enough Of You

My tribute to Buddy Holly!..written in February 2020…pop rock!

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I Can't Live Without
My Phone

Written in the summer of 2023, "I Can't Live Without My Phone" satirizes the addiction of the portable cell phone in the modern world. EVERYBODY'S ON THE PHONE...ALL THE TIME!


Has the obsession with the phone caused the loss of social skills, empathy and the ability to concentrate?...especially among the young? Are algorithms and "likes" our new "North Star?".


Yours truly sings this "even-eighth" rock style track..enjoy!

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I Can't Stop Loving You

A smooth jazzy tune co-written with Arlene Gold who also sings!...written in 1984!

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I Don't Want To Let You Go

This pop/rock duet features Stephanie Fuller and Steve Randazzo…good time feel singing about the “ying and yang” of a relationship!...1980’s

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I Still Love You

A “Disney” style duet that just “happened” at the keyboard one day in 1993.  It screams for animation while being played.  The orchestration was synthetically programmed but the listener will get the idea of what a true orchestra would sound like.

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I Want You

This Latin style tune is beautifully sung by Sue Giordano.  Would sound great with Eddie Palmieri’s big Latin orchestra!

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If You Can’t Love My Dog

If you’ve never loved a dog…you’ll never


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I'll Always Love You

I met this fellow Drew K. in 2011 at the guitar center and as we spoke I found out he went to Juilliard School of Music.  After hearing him sing on a CD of his tunes, I wrote “I’ll Always Love You” with his voice in mind…Peobo Bryson meets Andrea Bocelli!

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I'll Be Loving You

I must have re-wrote this tune over a dozen times!...When I heard Garth Brooks singing Bob Dylan’s “If You Could Feel My Love”…I said to myself, “they stole my tune!”  Steve Randazzo does a great job on vocals...a sweet love song.

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I'll Be There Loving You

Years ago I was producing the music tracks for the Campbell’s Soup company.  The request from the music department was for a music production in the style of Ann Murray or Karen Carpenter…a warm maternal voice delivering delicious soup to her little ones!


After listening to many recordings…the melody of “I’ll Be There Loving You” started to germinate in my mind.  Finally completed the thought as of Jan. 2021.


Leslie Waltzer brings her sweet voice ala Judy Collins to this recording. 

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I'm Your Fool

Written on the guitar, “I’m Your Fool” is a Chicago speakeasy nightclub song complete with spoons, washboard, trumpet, clarinet and trombone! Jackie Kalata does a great job adding her sultry vocals.

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Irena's Theme

This piano piece was written as a theme for Hallmark Theatre’s production of the “Irena Sendler Story.”  Ms. Sendler was credited with saving many Polish Jewish children during the Nazi attack on Poland.  However the director was changed and other creative people were contracted…the piece never got heard…


Click on my picture (left) to see a video


Click below to hear the studio mp3

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Irena's Theme-lead sheet .jpg


Jaylee Chillson-5 copy.png

The caption in the newspaper under her photo read... "Jaylee Chillson, the 14 year-old Kansas girl who shot herself dead in front of a deputy after running away from home, had been bullied for years, her grieving father said."

This story hit me like a ton of can be vicious enough... but arm them with the weapons of social media in addition to direct  "in-your-face"  bullying and the outcomes can be tragic.

Where were the "hate-speech" moderators for Jaylee? 

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Jennifer Rose

I held a little baby in my arms and then put her on my piano as the chords and melody started to flow…way back in ’79…

The lyrics have been “matured” for mass appeal!

Enjoy this soulful mid-tempo track!

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Just A Chance

The music was written by Rob Vega and both his brother Ray and myself wrote the words.  Steve Randazzo sings this sweet love song...written around 1992.

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The Lady Loves Me

Back in 1982, I had the opportunity to work with George Benson producing a trio of radio ads for Lowenbrau beer.  I was immersed in his music with regards to his vocal range and style of lyric.  I wasn’t going to let the opportunity go to waste and with Linda LoPresti, we crafted “The Lady Loves Me”…with yours truly singing the demo.  Unfortunately,  he never got to hear the demo!

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The Land Of Mystery

Written in 1992, “The Land Of Mystery” is a tune about the courage it takes to go on your own…regardless of what others may think/say about you.  It’s produced in a latin/samba style with great guitar and flute solos.  Camille Ditrani provides her stellar vocals. 

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The Last Time I Loved

Years ago I was casting for a Lowenbrau commercial in which the producers wanted a “Willie Nelson” style production of the jingle.  Needless to say, I had spent a great deal of time listening to Willie Nelson records to get acquainted with his vocal and production style.  This experienced hatched the song “The Last Time I Loved”,  Lyrics co-written with Larry Spagnola and sung by master vocalist Steve Randazzo,  I’m sure you’ll hear Willie in this one!

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The Last To Let Him Down

valley w:clouds.jpg

In 2019, a well-known engineer/producer named Don Casale sent me a moving video link of a documentary about the Marines at Arlington National Cemetery who prepare the internments of our fallen soldiers.  I had know idea of the preparation facility that is below ground at the cemetery.  The documentary showed the solemn preparation of the marines as they load caskets onto the horse-drawn carriages.  There is a plaque on the wall as they leave to face the mourning families waiting to intern their loved one…it says: “We’re The Last To Let You Down.”


Needless to say, I thought it would be great to write a tune in tribute to the men and woman who bury their fallen brothers and sisters…”The Last To Let Him Down”. Grab a Kleenex for this one.

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Lay Down Low

Written with David Burrello in the winter of ’22…Lay Down Low tells the story of a man who’s lived a loveless life filled with regret and is now facing his final rest.          

This happy tune is in the rock/blues style of Eric Clapton or Tom Petty.

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Leave Me Alone

A rock/pop tune written with “Blondie”-Debbie Harry in mind.  Lyrics by Larry Spagnola, this piece was sung by Tara St. Maartan and produced in 1992.

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Leavin' This World Behind

This “outlaw” song was written in 2012 with yours truly on vocals.  Note the great guitar “licks” performed by Tom Griffith.  Enjoy!

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Let Me Be There

This country/pop tune features pedal steel guitar with Steve Randazzo bringing home the vocals.  


Written in 2010, I always imagined this tune being listened to by truckers along route 80 as they make their deliveries.

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Let The Sun Rise And Shine On Me

Co-written with Rob Vega in the mid 1980’s, this tune is our tribute to those who live with the spirit of the lord!  Great guitar work by Tom Griffith and vocals by Steve Randazzo.  Kenny Rogers would have been a good cast back in the day.

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Let The Sun Rise And Shine On Me-lead sh
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Look At Me Now

A song about lost love in the quest for success.  Written with Ray Vega in 1992, Ray sings this with great emotion.

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Look My Way

A soulful ballad written with Lew Kirton (what a voice!).  This tune reminds me of the great Philadelphia sound of the 1979’s.

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Lost And Found

Written with Larry Spagnola, this tune is in the Al Jarreau style.  A song about re-kindled love.  Circa 1988.

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Lost And Found-lead sheet.jpg
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Love For You Baby

This country rock tune cooks!...words co-written with Bob Kornfeld in 2010 and Steve Randazzo on vocals!

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Love For You Baby.jpg

Love Happy

This ditty was mostly composed (words and music) by Lawrence Spagnola with yours truly adding the “Bridge” section and vocals.


A song about the happiness of love produced in a Bluegrass style featuring fiddle and a Roy Clarke guitar style…YEE HAW!

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Love Happy.jpg
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Love Wins

A Heartland rock/folk tune about losing a love yet finding the way back!...or not!   Written in 2012 and features yours truly on vocals.

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Love Wins-lead sheet.jpg
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The Love Within Your Heart

This tune was written with Whitney Houston in mind.  A message to vulnerable souls to find the strength within!...”The Love Within Your Heart” is sung by Tara St. Maartan and was written in 1993…enjoy!

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The Love Within Your Heart.jpg

Love You Always

If I had to pick my most marketable tune, this would be it.  An R&B pop mid-tempo tune written/produced in 2012, “Love You Always” is a beautiful duet with Jackie Kalata and Steve Randazzo on vocals as well as supplying lush backgrounds.  

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